Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags

PARIS-Louis Vuitton MC.FR -1.03% is looking to a new collection to bring the mojo back to its logo. Louis Vuitton is launching a new collection of bags, including this one designed by Karl Lagerfeld. This month, Vuitton is launching a new collection of bags and trunks designed by six famous creators including Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin and Frank Gehry. The rule of the game: use the brand's famous 118-year-old brown-and-gold "LV" symbol in a new way. The result includes a shopping caddy and a punching bag complete with boxing gloves. "Everyone knows the monogram," said Delphine Arnault, the second-in-command at Vuitton, where she is in charge of products. "It's the soul of our house." For years, Vuitton's logo bag has been the most popular and common of all luxury items. It has sold millions of them all around the world-so many that the item began to lose its appeal. Vuitton's sales growth, which had held steadily above 10% for years, suddenly stalled a couple of years ago. Rivals such as Gucci and Prada had the same problem. The three big luxury brands began emphasizing more expensive leather bags instead of classic canvas. Prices went up, reinforcing an aura of exclusivity.
Louis Vuitton's Delphine Arnault: 'Everyone knows the monogram.' Associated Press