Aegusa Hotel
Aegusa hotel

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These pleasant rooms are located less than 50 meters from the hotel and just a few steps from the port. Situated in an ancient building, which is part of the “Antiche Tonnare Florio (the old Florio tuna fishing factories)” and dates back to the mid-19th century, the 13 spacious and cosy rooms have been built where the Rais (as the commander of the “mattanza” was called) once stayed during the “mattanza (the traditional method of catching tuna)”; some of them have retained their characteristic arched roof made of tufa. Cosy and comfortable, these rooms are ideal for those who are looking for a greater freedom of movement and autonomy but without sacrificing the conveniences and services offered by the Aegusa Hotel.

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Restaurant Favignana Aegusa

The unique flavours of the Sicilian cuisine.