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Favignana: a dream island


Once you set foot in the island you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can enjoy all types of seabeds: beautiful sandy seabeds where the water reflects the sky, rocky seabeds populated by an astonishing variety of marine life and enchanting coves and grottoes along the coast.
Favignana also offers its visitors a smelling countryside where flourishing fields alternate with manicured gardens and wild landscapes.
Moreover, the fascinating tuff quarries which characterise the whole island: a charming trip to the discovery of these examples of industrial archaeology which are integral part of the history of Favignana, just as tuna fish catching and processing.
Favignana enchants its visitors not only for its suggestive views but also for its productive history, still visible in the buildings belonged to the Florio family. Today the spaces which once housed the ancient “tonnara (factory for tuna fish processing)” preserve the traditional tools of the “mattanza (typical form of catching tuna)”, as well as suggestive evidences of workers’ experiences.
Every corner of the village bears witness to the passage of peoples, great battles and an industrious past.
Sunbathing, diving and snorkelling, pleasant walks and excursions among the smells of the Mediterranean maquis, history, culture and art, relaxation and adventure, as well as fine wines and delicious dishes of the Sicilian tradition. Favignana is all this and much more.

Egadi islands, an archipelago rich in history and tradition

A plunge into culture, history and crystal-clear waters.

The hypogeal gardens

The hypogeal gardens

The roots into the stone

These typical gardens have been obtained by transforming the old tuff quarries

Grottoes and snorkeling

Grottoes and snorkeling

diving points

Snorkeling lovers can enjoy wonderful seabeds.

Favignana Sailing Tour

Favignana Sailing Tour

discovering the island

By contacting one of the many sailing centers on the island you can...

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